…(7) five PET PEEVES..


is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to themselves, to a greater degree than others may find it.

  • People  who don’t turn off the volume on their keypads

seriously we get it!!! You are typing – we seriously do – so please can you do it quietly. I have been known to adjust such people’s keyboard/pad settings because so far the only logical reason I have come up with for this kind of inconsiderate behavior is that they may not be aware that they can do so.

  • Noisy eaters;

common decency and sense dictates that one’s mouth should be shut when chewing, but looks like some people missed out on that gene. They will chew with their mouth open and they make that smacking noise or even breaking into laughter – the HORROR!!! On the same line are those who DON”T cover their mouth while sneezing or coughing.

  • People who wear too much perfume

whether it’s a cheap or expensive one, I really don’t care. Too much perfume should be declared a health hazard. And this should also go out to people who confuse deodorants and perfumes – honey there is a difference!!!

  • Snoopers

when you give someone your phone to look at one picture and before you know it they are asking questions about all your other pictures. Isn’t it enough that you are snooping????

  • Spoilers

so we meet at the movie store and after seeing which ones I have, you go ahead to tell me how it ended or the most juicy part(s). Listen buddy if I wanted to know, am sure the store clerk would come in handy – alright? Thank you!!!

…call me B…

…(6) my views on MAINSTREAM MUSIC..

…mainstream music is basically popular music. It’s popular because it is very approachable, accessible and catchy and doesn’t need a lot of thought to listen to. It’s the kind of music that appeals to people who don’t get very involved with their music. They most likely don’t have the urge to seek other artists apart from what countdown charts have to offer. If it’s on TV or radio half the time then its good stuff for the ear.

Mainstream music is supposed to catch your attention and get stuck in your head. More people can identify with it and sing along to with their friends. Karaoke events are fun when half the room knows the song, bring in “underground songs” and you might as well do away with the event.

Most people argue that underground music is the real deal but truth be told most underground artists should just be that – UNDERGROUND. Besides, most mainstream artists started out small(read underground) and had their lucky break when the masses could identify with and appreciate their music.

Majority of the musicians we celebrate today are mainstream, very few outside this bracket get recognition.

So while I constantly try finding new acts, I love me my mainstream music.

I am that neighbor that has her music on full blast every other Sunday disrupting your thoughts and peace of mind – no apologies. I am that girl walking the streets with her earphones on. Smiling to myself, lost in my world.

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..(5) things I would SAY to an EX..

 I have seriously dated one person(baby daddy) before my current man. I wrote about him earlier on in this blog and the REASON I had to leave. That was a sad experience, one that I wouldn’t wish on my enemy.

If I were to tell him five things, top of my list would be;

  1. I don’t hate you but I don’t love you either. I respect you as someone I have some kind of history with though…
  2. I forgave you, because NOT doing so would mean being a prisoner to hate and stripes on me everyday would be an overkill to this awesome style trend.
  3. It took a long time coming but I realize now it never would have worked out anyway.
  4. I have since forgiving you, wished you fulfillment and love. I have wished you happiness as well.
  5. I am glad you found that one person for you and I mine. The wise say everything happens for a reason – see where I am going with this?

Here is to life and everything it has to offer.


..call me B..

…(4) my whole day in BULLET POINTS..

So this is about my Sunday(yesterday);-

  • woke up at 5:30AM to darkness that we have experienced since Friday due to a transformer blowing up in the wee hours of the morning. Since I haven’t gotten round to specifying weekend/weekday alarm time, I wake up this early irrespective of my go-to bed time or day of the week
  • check my phone for anything interesting; find two moves on words with friends – an app that works like scrabble. Take my turn although I am losing on one with five letters left and almost no word – but I am #team it ain’t over till it’s over – lol
  • browse my instragam and there’s not so much interesting stuff today. Well, apart from the guys who went for rhino charge most pics are all about last night – nothing new
  • already 7:00AM and I need to prepare breakfast for mini-me although she will wake up at around nine o’clock
  • watch several music videos on my laptop until it powers off. A few minutes past eight and not so much to do without electricity – I need to get a Sunday life outside movies and TV series
  • lightly clean and arrange the living room, although my heart is not in it
  • have breakfast at half past eight, take a shower and lazy around for thirty mins or so
  • finally settle on Outfit Of  The Day – some simple Denim on Denim and a statement necklace. Make a mental note to buy another denim top
  • mini-me is awake as estimated and had breakfast. Any other Sunday, she would be on the desktop improving her practical knowledge but with no lights – that ain’t happening
  • 10:30AM, the sun is out so naturally swimming is the plot to follow through
  • I call up a friend and luckily she is also going swimming with her’s. She show’s up at mine thirty minutes or so later, they leave almost immediately.
  • take my emergency light and laptop and head to the office. Gotta recharge them if we’ll end up spending another “dark” night since there’s still no sign of those KPLC guys
  • out of the door by 12:04PM, commute to the CBD takes less than fifteen minutes – the first exciting thing to happen since morning
  • practically spend the rest of the afternoon, just browsing the net, whatsapping to stop myself from going for some retail therapy.
  • receive an invite for late lunch and some drinks at a girlfriend’s. Sadly turn it down since the power situation is not ideal for late night arrivals
  • mini-me calls at around 2:30PM – THE LIGHTS ARE BACK – those KPLC guys are humane after all. Breaks into a mini dance. The things we do when excited
  • pack up immediately for home. Call up my girl, that invite is still open.
  • home by 3:10PM
  • dinner ready by 4:30PM
  • showered and all doled up by 5:30PM
  • my babysitter for the night comes with her daughter(our arrangement for when she has to sleep over during the weekend)
  • out of the house by 6:00PM
  • its gonna be a fun night – the cooler kids say #turntup or #turndownforwhat
  • dance my night away knowing tomorrow is still a public holiday

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..(3) a BOOK I LOVE..

I was never a fan of self-help/motivational books because to me they were for “weak, undecided” persons. All this changed when my former boss introduced me to Dale Carnegie’s HOW TO WIN FRIENDS & INFLUENCE PEOPLE


I have listed a few of the phrases I liked from it;

“It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.”

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

“Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours.”

“People who can put themselves in the place of other people, who can understand the workings of their minds, need never worry about what the future has in store for them.”

“If there is any one secret of success,” said Henry Ford, “it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.”


These are just but a few excerpts from this amazing book. It basically is my go to book when done with my fiction world or just want to remind myself how to be nice because we all know this world is full of situations that evoke the ugly side of us – or is it just me???. Lol.

I recently purchased Richard Carlson’s – DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF– omnibus edition and I have that “we are going to be good friends” vibe already.

Don't sweat the small stuff

Have you read any motivational book? And how has it changed you? Or did you read one and all you thought was “knew that already!!!”.

..call me B..

…something I FEEL STRONGLY about…

…LOYALTY above everything…

Everything That Matters

Our ability to be loyal says a lot about us. We should learn and respect where our loyalty lies because all relationships feed and thrive on that.

Yes, I will look past ALL your shortcomings but drop you like its hot if I discover you cannot be loyal to save your own skin.

In My Opinion, betrayal not only destroys relationships but also harms the one betrayed emotionally and psychologically. If you have been betrayed before, then you know that you’ll question whether you are capable of making the right choices especially if it comes from a confidant. It makes you also question those around you – even if they are not part of the disloyal act. This in turn create’s an imbalance that would need all sorts of scrutiny before all goes back to normal. So to avoid ALL THAT, I try to cut off persons who I strongly feel would betray my trust for the fun of it.

In the same context, I believe  one should also be loyal to themselves. Do not be belittled by others such that what you project is a reflection of their opinions and standards instead of your own. After all, charity starts at home.

loyalty Posted @ QUOTEZ.CO


…call me B, I won’t mind at all…


..FIVE ways to WIN MY HEART..

…the HEART may not be smart when it comes to love but it usually sets out  knowing what it wants…

The Joys of a loved Heart...

The Joys of a loved Heart…

  1. Respect that we are  different personalities and the best we can do is learn from each other.
  2. Be able to hold conversations; both intellectual and plain old “silly” ones.
  3. Flirt with me at every given chance.
  4. Learn to see the happy in situations and if you can, find the funny in awkward situations because that’s a 10 point bonus honey. A great sense of humour goes a long way, any day, anywhere.
  5. And for the love of all that’s good in this world, dress well.
  6. Compare your hobbies with me and by this I mean mainly your music playlist.
  7. Listen to my ramblings especially when I am having a bad day – NOT hear – LISTEN.
  8. I am for the major  part an introvert(yes part of me is extroverted) by nature so PLEASE – DO NOT CROWD MY PERSONAL SPACE. The best friendships and relationships I have had to date are the ones that have respected this simple, weird fact.


…there we have it, my eight points as at the time of publication. So what are yours? And would you like to share with me?…

…30 DAY pinterest challenge…

…this is an inspiration I came through via . I mainly go there for the TGIF posts that she usually puts up and I honestly recommend you do the same if you are looking for a smile for your pretty face. No?

The whole idea is to post something under the titles on the image below pretty much everyday for 30 days. If not for anything else, to help you learn more about yourself.


Would you like to join in the fun/challenge?

If you do please remember to tag us so that we can learn more about you as well because you have more fun when you share – trust me on that.


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I have shed tears countless times since I saw the first image of casualties of the Westgate Mall terror attack; this was the picture of a woman in a car. I couldn’t make out whether she was with someone else in the car, but she was gone. Lying there motionless; this was not a movie scene.

Today marks the one week anniversary since this heinous attack; my emotions have been a wreck since then.

I have experienced highs and lows, gone through victories and losses. I have seen photos too gruesome for publication and hoped that the cameramen/women will be counselled sooner than later. I have also seen photos of courage, love and unity. These are the photos I would love to highlight.

..RUN BABY, RUN..I came close to tears when I saw this child running all alone across the corridor and felt so much pain knowing that her tiny feet couldn’t go any faster if she wanted to. But felt a smile in my heart when I saw this police officer reaching out to her. She may not be fully aware of the danger she was in but she sure looks strong and confidence. I hope her guardian made it out alive and that she is playing in the safety of her parents’ watchful eyes as I type away. I pray she is safe.

20130922075158I felt scared as a mother when I saw this lady covering her little ones and obviously exposing herself to danger but that looked like the very least of her worries. My joy sore high up when I saw the little girl being carried out in the arms of this security officer, clutching happily at her bata package and her mum can be seen at the back. I thank God.

1379775448001-002Wanted to hug this cop for carrying this little one with an AK47 on his hand and the lady also looking up to him for her safety and cover, video clips showed that it was obviously not an easy task. If you know him – give him hug on my behalf and thousands of others who I am sure would have wanted to do the same.

IMG_20130922_215659I crossed my fingers in fear on behalf of a friend whose fiancé was believed to be in the mall when the attack started but the relief that washed over me when he sent a text to inform that he had found her in hospital was bigger. She had been shot on the leg but she was away from the danger zone – in Kenyan slang “ako poa”.

Ruhila at WorkWhen Ruhila Adatia’s death was first reported, all I could think was “why her??? that girl that had a bubbly personality? why her??” Images of how she must have suffered being that she was onto her third trimester with her first child tore my heart. What was her husband going through? She had been there for a kids cook-out event – she loved life and was full of it. May God rest her soul in eternal peace.


I felt mad when I saw this shot officer in the mall, holding his wound trying to prevent blood loss; the look on his face not betraying the pain he was in. Earlier pictures and clips had shown him doing what he knows best. Protecting and rescuing casualties but now he had become a casualty as well. My madness stemmed from the fact that he went into the mall without any protective gear, his colleague didn’t have any either!!!. Dear God I hope he is out of danger, don’t let that gunshot wound be the end of his story-line.

nighttimeAs darkness fell on the first night of the attack, I feared for those who were still being held hostage in the mall. I feared for those who were holed up in various places inside the mall, unaware of how, when or even if they were going to make it out. I feared that they may be someone who was wounded and as time waned his/her chance of surviving were being minimized. I feared for the safety of the security officers camping and mapping out their next move.

20130922_NAIROBI2_337-slide-OCBP-articleLargeThen this photo evidence hit my Facebook timeline – of a young girl who had hidden in a ventilation shaft the whole time being rescued. Joy reigned in my heart – a sign that there was hope for the rest. Then as day two of the attack started that hope bore fruit when another lady was rescued after spending the night hiding under a car according to her own account. She looked dazed and shaken but she was alive. To prove that the living God we serve never desert’s us, a second lady was rescued. She had locked herself in her office and had been in contact with her husband who in turn contacted police officers who rescued her. Moments later a third lady was rescued; she was immediately driven away by the police officer before recounting her ordeal to the battery of reporters who were waiting.


The #weareone trending on twitter came to life when we saw people serving food and water to the police officers, journalists and medical personnel. This they did from their own accord and resources, selflessly woke up and braved the chill of the day. Saw it again when people came out in their thousands to give blood, time and supplies. Such that Kenyans overseas wanted to give blood and send by airline. When Safaricom and other mobile service providers made a call for people to give money, we proudly did that. We in the same spirit saw political arch-rivals get together to condemn the attack. No finger-pointing – one voice in leadership. Yes people WE ARE KENYANS and WE ARE ONE.

The official numbers provided by the security officers and other agencies involved in the rescue mission stands as follows;

  • so far 67 deaths have been confirmed inclusive of 6 security officers and over 175 people injured.
  • over 50 people are still missing.
  • over 1,000 people were rescued – this being a joint effort of the area’s community security policing, various Kenyan security bodies and several international security agencies.
  • through Safaricom’s #weareone initiative, Kenyans raised more than KShs. 70 million, those in the diaspora raised KShs. 410, 157 and Safaricom contributed KShs. 30 million

When the song Daima by Eric Wainaina came on my radio I knew it was all going to be alright. Any Kenyan knows how powerful this song is and how it has always given us hope in times of tension and this was definitely one of them. I have had it on replay today as I write this piece;

“Umoja ni fahari yetu, Undugu ndio nguvu. Chuki na ukabila hatutaki hata kamwe. Lazima tuungane, tuijenge nchi yetu. pasiwe hata mmoja anayetutenganisha. naishi, natumaini, najitolea daima Kenya. hakika ya bendera ni uthabiti wangu. Nyeusi ya wananchi na nyekundu ni ya damu. kijani ni ya ardhi nyeupe ya amani. daima mimi mkenya, mwananchi mzalendo. wajibu wetu ni kuishi kwa upendo kutoka ziwa mpaka pwani kaskazini na kusini”

This song is all about being Kenyan no matter what happens, it reminds us the meaning of the colors on our flag. Never dividing ourselves along tribal lines and not allowing anyone to do so to us – neither through religious nor racial lines as well.

I still have questions, questions running into hundreds that I would love answered. But for now I just want to thank everyone who helped out; materially, financially, physically and in prayers.

Pray for my country dear reader.

Kenyan Girl – B…