Day 24 – What would be found in my bag

There must be a quote out there that runs along the lines of ;

“you will easily know what kind of woman one  is by what she carries in her bag”.

I don’t know about that……. moving on.

My bags range from the smallest to the biggest that can comfortably carry three days worth of wardrobe change being a woman and all(that include’s shoes as well).

The contents in a bag should be easily accessible and that is why I love bags that have tiny compartments to store tiny stuff  like lip balms, keys away. That said, I always rely on my make-up kit bag to store away my make up bits since we all know the mess that can be created in a bag if that foundation spills or if an eye pencil loses its cover somehow and starts doodling all over you bag at times even on very important documents! It’s never a pretty sight and getting this mess off is not easy either.


Here goes the chaos that lives inside my bag…………….


It “house’s” the face cream, hand gel/sanitiser, compact face powder, nail clipper, nail file, cuticle remover, scissors(don’t ask), travelling toothbrush, super glue(has bailed me out many times- especially on days when I take my wayward sandals on a trip), eye-pencil, tampons and panty liners(I think every woman should always have some tampons/ sanitary towels in her bag. If not for herself then maybe for someone who might run into “trouble” in the middle of a busy day).

I pledged to read printed word sometime back. It is not easy especially when almost all the information can be accessed through the simple click of the tiny buttons on our phones – not even the computers. E-books are also on the rise. That doesn’t mean it is impossible to get books plus this book is an awesome read. I plan to finish it soon and maybe get the rest of  Dale Carnegie’s work. Did you notice that bottle of water at the corner? – duh!!!….


Notice my stunnas?

I usually carry a change of nail polish and cocktail rings just in-case I need to make an impromptu detour. Trust me at times all you need is just to change a small detail and you are ready. Don’t you just the love the Betty Poop key holder? Since I am a lip balm girl, I usually blend two types my favorite and trusted brand being Nivea. The green one is more natural looking, so I usually use the pink one to glam up my lips. And of course them earphones for music – my second love. Hahahahaha.

This one is more about the blood donor’s certificate than my wallet which I have had for the last three years and counting.

Back to donating blood, have you ever tried it apart from that one time in school?

I first donated blood in school just for the sake of it but became more involved afterwards. I now do it once every three months. It has it’s perks too because I get to have tests that I would usually pay for done for free and the results given to me. I also get free nutritional guidance. Knowing that you can spare just fifteen minutes of your time to save someone’s life is something that can be treasured not just by the one you may save but his/her family too.By the way did you know that by donating blood you are actually creating an emergency bank for yourself if it ever comes to that?.  Take some time today and help save someone’s day – directly or indirectly.

I should mention that my wallet can be converted into a mini clutch purse!!!