..SHORT SUIT – casual and official..

..SHORT SUIT - casual and official..

7 thoughts on “..SHORT SUIT – casual and official..

      • I just browse women´s clothing,something very normal for guys to do…….

        You know why I follow so many types of blogs and viceversa? Because I always learn something if you look closely. I can always get one idea here and another there to then write some nutty thing of my own.

      • And the comments are also a source of inspiration for creativity. Testing the waters….

        You gotta give it to me, this is a very but very nice response.
        I don´t get a medal?

      • o.k.

        Is not normal for men to go and see women´s clothing. But that is if you think in a macho conventional way. Which I can be very macho but that´s another story. So, I can even write a little short story the premise being” A young man in his early 20´s, find´s through the social media a blog about women´s clothing and trends, he has an epiphany, he know really knows what to do in life, be a designer, and then he also realises once he get´s into that world that he is gay,(that would be the twist)building it slowly and not giving to obvious hints, and then he it´s one catastrophe after another when he tries to make it big in the fashion industry, he let´s go of his dreams, and now starts hating gays, but there is a girl that save´s him when he´s about to kill a gay person and then he turns straight”

        And I promise I hadn´t thought this out before hand.

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