..NEON on AFRICAN PRINT high waisted skirt..

..NEON on AFRICAN PRINT high waisted skirt..

3 thoughts on “..NEON on AFRICAN PRINT high waisted skirt..

  1. colourful, just blinded me a little. I think is sexy that white “shirt”? blouse?….gave me some idea as to why when gave presents to one of my ex´s her face…..lets just say it wasn´t the face of enthusiasm.

      • Not mine actually, but one´s I saw in little supermarkets of “second hand”, we have here in Spain. Meaning there are people who give away their clothes to others or sell them to others and those others will put up a shop in the street and sell them to passersby. No wonder these women when I gave them the clothes went directly to clean them and scrub at them like crazy, sort of like a pitbull who grabs a piece of meat and wont let it go. They just kept scrubbing and scrubbing….I don´t actually think they ever put it inside their closet. I actually started wondering that I got with girls that they all seemed to have a pattern of obsessive cleanliness.

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