..(8) what I ATE today..

…after an interesting night and a very cold morning, only lemon and honey in hot water would save me first thing in the morning.

About an hour later – am having by black coffee, home-baked cookies(I try sometimes – yes I do), ready to eat chicken bites (why sweat frying sausages when you can get them ready to eat? Huh!) and of course greasy, greasy eggs. I don’t care what you say but it looks like I started out already balancing my diet. LOL.

With mini-me away for her friend’s birthday party, the kitchen is mine to indulge in more unhealthy customized eating habits.

Armed with season eleven of NCIS LA, I cuddle under my duvet  – on the sofa – with a bowl of popcorn(homemade AGAIN) – somebody wife me already. Hahahahaha.

Hours later and am on some pilau and beans for late lunch.

I plan on having spaghetti and minced meat for dinner but that might change depending on how full mini-me will be after the party. Who knows we she may have yogurt and ripe bananas for dinner.

Have a fantastic week ahead everyone.

call me B…



4 thoughts on “..(8) what I ATE today..

      • Ha ha yeah Ugali is a whole other story! I’ve made it about 3times in my life and it’s horrible. So not cool. And anytime, I totally love your fashion pics!

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