…(6) my views on MAINSTREAM MUSIC..

…mainstream music is basically popular music. It’s popular because it is very approachable, accessible and catchy and doesn’t need a lot of thought to listen to. It’s the kind of music that appeals to people who don’t get very involved with their music. They most likely don’t have the urge to seek other artists apart from what countdown charts have to offer. If it’s on TV or radio half the time then its good stuff for the ear.

Mainstream music is supposed to catch your attention and get stuck in your head. More people can identify with it and sing along to with their friends. Karaoke events are fun when half the room knows the song, bring in “underground songs” and you might as well do away with the event.

Most people argue that underground music is the real deal but truth be told most underground artists should just be that – UNDERGROUND. Besides, most mainstream artists started out small(read underground) and had their lucky break when the masses could identify with and appreciate their music.

Majority of the musicians we celebrate today are mainstream, very few outside this bracket get recognition.

So while I constantly try finding new acts, I love me my mainstream music.

I am that neighbor that has her music on full blast every other Sunday disrupting your thoughts and peace of mind – no apologies. I am that girl walking the streets with her earphones on. Smiling to myself, lost in my world.

…call me B…




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