…something I FEEL STRONGLY about…

…LOYALTY above everything…

Everything That Matters

Our ability to be loyal says a lot about us. We should learn and respect where our loyalty lies because all relationships feed and thrive on that.

Yes, I will look past ALL your shortcomings but drop you like its hot if I discover you cannot be loyal to save your own skin.

In My Opinion, betrayal not only destroys relationships but also harms the one betrayed emotionally and psychologically. If you have been betrayed before, then you know that you’ll question whether you are capable of making the right choices especially if it comes from a confidant. It makes you also question those around you – even if they are not part of the disloyal act. This in turn create’s an imbalance that would need all sorts of scrutiny before all goes back to normal. So to avoid ALL THAT, I try to cut off persons who I strongly feel would betray my trust for the fun of it.

In the same context, I believe  one should also be loyal to themselves. Do not be belittled by others such that what you project is a reflection of their opinions and standards instead of your own. After all, charity starts at home.

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…call me B, I won’t mind at all…



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