..FIVE ways to WIN MY HEART..

…the HEART may not be smart when it comes to love but it usually sets out  knowing what it wants…

The Joys of a loved Heart...

The Joys of a loved Heart…

  1. Respect that we are  different personalities and the best we can do is learn from each other.
  2. Be able to hold conversations; both intellectual and plain old “silly” ones.
  3. Flirt with me at every given chance.
  4. Learn to see the happy in situations and if you can, find the funny in awkward situations because that’s a 10 point bonus honey. A great sense of humour goes a long way, any day, anywhere.
  5. And for the love of all that’s good in this world, dress well.
  6. Compare your hobbies with me and by this I mean mainly your music playlist.
  7. Listen to my ramblings especially when I am having a bad day – NOT hear – LISTEN.
  8. I am for the major  part an introvert(yes part of me is extroverted) by nature so PLEASE – DO NOT CROWD MY PERSONAL SPACE. The best friendships and relationships I have had to date are the ones that have respected this simple, weird fact.


…there we have it, my eight points as at the time of publication. So what are yours? And would you like to share with me?…


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