…PAJAMAS Sunday…

...PAJAMAS Sunday...
Is there anything better than just hanging around the house with pj’s a bowl of popcorn, coffee and movies?
OK, I know there is something better than that –  like waiting for mon petit ami(take note of the coolness in me!! LOL) to surface from wherever he is. I know – he is quite the charmer <<<<
Anyways, I will be doing what I love best staying indoors and getting high on caffeine and someone else’s imagination – MOVIES and those pirated SERIES from Moi Avenue. Hehehehe. Exams are over and we get to have a one week break. I am so going to maximise that – I mean stretch it to the fullest. It’s been a long time and since I can easily say  a few French words from the basic one level am at, I think I deserve to spoil myself.
Well mes amis(there I go again bragging rightfully with my now five Francais words, Hehehehehe) I will leave y’all to drool on my fantastic Sunday attire as I go pull in another duvet to fight the cold. Maybe later on I will step out and let someone pull tiny hairs from my eyebrows and as usual a fresh coat of nail polish will do. It is too cold to dive into hair making and mani/pedicures.
Call me B…

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