So today I have this important AM meeting I have to be at that will kinda decide a lot of things happening for me towards the end of this year. I would have loved my mum(hanging my head) to fight this one for me but she figured I got to do it alone.
That’s how I will be at this guy’s office in the AM armed with a speech, several files – okay maybe two, a smile of course and if that fails I will just play a “damsel in distress” – I am shameless like that. Lol.
I thought of doing my routine Friday jeans because (a) It has been extra chilly in the mornings in Nairobi and (b) It’s a Friday – the day I rock jeans for after-office activities. Obviously I cannot because I wouldn’t want this guy to NOT take me serious – I know!!!
So, when is the last time you saw someone rock pearl earings? Truth is they were the rage in Kenya about two years ago but they kinda disappeared.
I got an exact drawstring bag that my mum bought me from one of her business trips. It is getting old but still one of my secret good luck charms.
Just so you know, no matter the outcome, I plan to learn a lot from this meeting.
Your wishes give me strength.
Call me B…

2 thoughts on “FRIDAY MEETINGS

    • …I thought this kind would transition easily from the office to the playground. The highlight of it – for me – are the color blocked heels.
      I love the cut of the skirt too.

      Thank you for stopping by Ally…

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