…Loving Mondays…

draped skirt and Loving Mondays...
This set was a Monday project and Loving Mondays because my younger sister has this personal campaign called “POSITIVE ENERGY for MONDAYS”.
According to her Monday receives the most “hate” and yet it is the people who have negative energy towards it. Her Monday greeting are usually a cheerful “Learn to Love Mondays”. While we are all TGIF-ing, she goes all TGIM-ish on the universe.
Anyway, is it just me who thinks that white sweater look très fantastic on the bustier top. My real closet has the sweater in black and the bustier but NOT the draped skirt. I would love to have a chiffon draped skirt like this one, most of what I find is in cotton and honestly I am not a cotton person. Chiffons are easy on maintenance (read ironing).
I love the shatter nail polish trend so much. I try pretty much all combos and it’s amazing how each combo usually take’s its own personality. My best so far is brown shatter nail polish on gold base nail polish. Doesn’t attract too much attention but still gives you that wow factor on subtleness – unlike gold nail polish on its own which can be pretty attention grabbing.
I think this combo come’s off  “too curvy” and would be perfect for someone not sooo curvy – hehehehe.
I hope we’ll all learn to love Mondays.
Call me B….

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