This is going to be one of my best Sundays this year. I get to lazy about without any interference. Of course I will do a few house chores here and there but that would be all.
I hope you have noticed that this set doesn’t have any footwear, this is because I don’t plan on stepping out of the house. The furthest I will go might be the balcony for some sun.
 I bought some zumba music videos that I haven’t put to any use – this will be the day to try those moves knowing I get to embarrass me to me.
My nails will also get some home-care and maybe change the nail-polish color to purple or pink.
In the privacy of my boudoir I will lounge the day away with popcorns, home movies(read pirated CD’s) and some loud music.
Who knows maybe I’ll just sleep the day away on the sofa that I have shamelessly turned into a bed.
In other news, I think I got rejuvenated on the polyvore front. I have rekindled my love for it and this time I plan on making super good use of it. So far I am loving it.
Call me B…


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