Obviously this was meant for yesterday but I got derailed and so many blah blah blahs after that. Point being I was unable to post it to wordpress but here we are now – TADA!!!

I am so shameless in my jeans affair that at times I feel like everyone can guess what I will put on for a night out – I know right. Hehehehe.

I always prefer white vests on jeans because of their ability to blend with anything. A white vest to me is more like an empty canvas that I can draw with accessories whichever way I like. I am not a  make up person so I use accessories – read: nail polish, bracelets, necklaces, rings e.t.c – so to speak to compensate.


I hope someone will try this and post the “real deal” in the meantime this is life behindmystunnas where I can do anything and still feel invisible. Cheers to whoever invented stunnas.
P/S: I think life is très fabulous when the junk in my trunk can be flossed in a pair of jeans.
In-case someone is wondering, I had a wonderful night out with a group of ladies I had not seen in a while.

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