the high-low hem skirt – polyvore secrets

How many of you have been to

How many have accounts there?

How many know of someone with an account?


I have had mine for some time now and I think its the best place to mix pieces that you would like to own or those that you already do but don’t quite know what to do with them after two or three wears or how to incorporate them into our wardrobes.

I will be posting sets that I make to see which ones get the nays or yays. Most of the sets I make reflect what I would wear on any day.

For the fashion concious in here I would love to get your opinions and please keep in mind that my “go-to” party outfit is the ever faithful pair of jeans, heels and fancy tops.  I plan to step out of my comfort zone and like they say if you can visualise it, you can do it.

So I take this as my first step to refurbishing my sense of style and maybe JUST maybe someday I will make the sets my daily go-to’s.

the high-low hem skirt

Hollister Co stripe shirt
$16 –

Ankle length skirt
£40 –

Madison Harding wedge shoes
$284 –

Platform pumps
$80 –

Dooney Bourke shopping bag
$248 –

Kate Spade hardware jewelry
$99 –

Betsey Johnson pendant necklace
$45 –
The above set has a pink high-low hem as the point of focus. I love the colour blocked shoes and you will be seeing more of it here.
Call me B…….

3 thoughts on “the high-low hem skirt – polyvore secrets

  1. Love that top! ANd only 16 bucks — steal! 🙂

    Btw I just found out that my posts may not be showing up in my subscribers’ WordPress Readers if they had subscribed before I changed my domain name (which I did 3 weeks ago). So I am now having to send this message to every subscriber before that time if they could kindly unsubscribe & resubscribe to my blog, by just unclicking and clicking on the “Following” button at the top of my page

    I hate to bother everyone about this, but I really value your continued readership. Thank you so much and sorry for the inconvenience!! I really appreciate it!! 🙂
    – Janice

    • ..hey Janice, thank you for stopping by.
      You can be assured that I am receiving your post alerts just fine and promptly too!!!

      I think it is lovely that you have taken your time to find out if everyone’s “coffee” is being delivered on time and in mint condition. Cheers to your good work…

      • Oh, awesome, thanks for letting me know!
        Haha, I love that — delivering everyone’s “coffee” hehe =P
        Thank you again and have a great weekend! 🙂

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