I have a confession.

“I grew up being daddy’s girl. The guy knew when I had my period before my mama and not because I wasn’t on good terms with my mum – nah –  I was just daddy’s girl.”

But we are not talking about fathers are we?

This is about my kind – you know those awesome people the world is going gaga over today.



I have different scenarios to how I want to celebrate today because I know of different mothers in my life.

I am sure I don’t want my six year old to draw me a card for this day- but wouldn’t mind if she did.

I’m thinking it would look like this!!!

This is the day I would love to celebrate with the one who brought me into this world.

The one who held my hand and scolded me like she was going to throw me to bed hungry but would make sure that the sulking me was full.

The one who always tells me to do what my hearts set’s out to because apparently I am that awesome and can do everything.

The one who looked at me when I was at my lowest and told me not to hurry my healing process.

The one who whenever I feel down gave me 101+ reasons why I shouldn’t be.

The one who even when my decisions deserve a side eye, she tell me to my face to get my act together.

This is the day I would love to celebrate with MY MOM.

I bet she would be this delighted to see the flowers I chose ..

This is also the day I would love to gather some two ladies and walk the streets with their daughters in tow.

The two ladies that despite all the childhood bullying we still remained friends.

The two ladies I know no matter what everyone thinks about me, will always run to my defense and put up a defense wall if need be.

The two ladies who despite our differences we laugh at each others oops! moments and applaud each other when the patting is needed.

The two ladies who know that despite my inability to attach emotionally to anyone I will always run to them when I want a good day’s laugh or just to talk.

The two ladies who I’ll drag into the streets with their daughters(one to each) and mine then wow the world with our fabulousity.

how fabulous can a family be?..

I would not want to forget a six year old while at this celebratory mood.

I would love to just be indoors and watch Tom and Jerry for the 100th time.

Who I’ll listen to Spanish songs with and watch her sing along to the words that we don’t understand.

I would love to ask her to do some of her cheesy dance moves as I recorded the 1000th clip.

I would love to laugh at her toothless gum as we try to guess when all her gum will be full again.

I would love to just have my little girl with me without the hassle of gifts and wrappers.

And maybe have this kind of picture↓ to crown the day…

This is the kind of pic that would crown the day

Then when the day is over, I would love to present a certificate to myself for being the BEST MOTHER I could ever be.

A certificate to remind me that despite all my flaws I am will always be a mother.

A certificate to remind the world that I take my job seriously as a mother.

A certificate to let  people know that me and mine are a serious people- mother and daughter.

A certificate to look at whenever I feel this world has no purpose for me.

A certificate that I am sure only mother can legally hold.


Happy Mother’s Day

Tonight as I lay my little one to sleep I’ll drown a glass of chilled white wine and toss to all the mothers in the world.

To those who already are,

To those who have it in their plans,

To those still don’t know but have maybe’s as their answers,


because I believe we are all mothers in our own special ways.


7 thoughts on “…HAPPY MOTHERS DAY…

  1. Lady, I’m loving this post! And I’ll confess I too was a daddy’s girl! ha! I love how you embrace all womenfolk in this celebration. Kudos to you for doing that! By the way, I’m loving the new header! 🙂

    • …thank you Bella for the complement – both the post and header – thought I would try out a new look and see how it goes. Guess am not doing soooo bad. Hehehehehe.
      Daddy’s girl – would never trade it for anything in this world.
      I have always thought that all women are mothers – maybe for five minutes or for life – either way we are all mothers…

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