…I don’t know how many of you guys have sisters.


Two sisters to be exact. I am lucky. Today we’ll talk about my younger sister.

The relationship between me and her is not the I will die for you any day – really it’s not. In fact I’m sure if push came to shove I might just take her to the slaughter-house myself.



We just have “that kind” of love between us. You know the I would slaughter you if it wasn’t illegal in these parts of the earth. YEAH – that kind.

BUT don’t get us twisted you cannot come between us. Trust me you cannot.

See people see us ‘fighting’ all the time and think that they can totally divide and rule. NAY – not in this Sisterdom! we tell them.

She is a happy go lucky-the world can burn for all I care kind of girl, while I am the OMG the world can’t burn today while I haven’t done all that I wanted to!!! She is the just throw it in the wardrobe and we’ll iron it later while I am the you have to fold, hang and color co-ordinate them irrespective of when we’ll ever use them again. I always try to look at the end results of almost everything I do while she will do something on the spur of the moment. I know we are a special kind you don’t have to say it.

She can cook – I mean really cook. You know go to the market and pick out ingredients and somehow transform it all into a meal. Don’t ask me about my cooking skills – I am a bit sensitive on that subject :-(. Don’t get me started on her fashion sense – no one should EVER let her know but she is my secret STYLE ENVY. I think she will one day make one sexy wife in the kitchen. Any takers? Hehehehe.

I don’t understand how she arrives at her decisions most of the times while she doesn’t get why I am always uptight most the time – the nerve these young people have. Our age difference is not that big – just four years apart. That can’t be so big now, can it????


I could put her in time out if I was allowed to, but I would still be the first one to let her go before the timer goes off.

Most of the moments that I get myself laughing out loud were because of moments created when with her.

Point in case and a classic so to speak is of an incident that happened about three years ago:

I came home excited after having my first manicure done. I couldn’t wait to flaunt it to her face and let her know how awesome an experience it was.

ME: Hey! Guess what?


ME: Come on just guess (Holding out my hand to clue her in).

SISTER: I don’t know. Why don’t you just tell me.

ME: What do you see on my fingers? (waving them to her face)

SISTER: Ummm. Black nail polish!

ME: Come on! What else?

SISTER: Nothing. It’s just the same nail polish you always go for. You should try Blue or maybe Red for a change.

ME: Blue is not my colour and Red looks like I am on my way to “solicit”.

She gives me a funny look – I shrug in return.

SISTER: So what did you want me to see? The same black nail polish with nail art?

ME: NO!!! I had my nails manicured! Free of charge!! See I had my usual pedicure and hair appointment but when I went in, I asked for a manicure too. The good lady said she will do my nails for free. See how good they look?

That funny look again – this usually means she is about to say something mean but I didn’t see this coming.

SISTER: You know B, you have the funniest nails ever. There is a reason she did them for free. They deserved a free service.

OUCH!!! – That was not funny if it’s what she had intended it to be – but she was already walking away and I couldn’t “defend” myself.

I spent the rest of that evening asking myself what she meant by funny nails. How dare she? Maybe she was just jealous.

Anyway that episode soon got overwritten by several others and I forgot about it. Few months later, she brought it up.

SISTER: You know B your nails look better. Do they still do them free of charge for you?

I should have thrown her out of a fast-moving vehicle at this point but that means that when I want to make fun of anyone or situation I would have had no one at the other end of the phone. So forever she remains the only one I can make fun of without it getting personal even if it was – get it! This also means that when I want to laugh at my nails I call her up and we talk about that incident three years ago.

It is still funny to date. To me it’s like it happened yesterday only to another person and we get to laugh at that person.

Always and forever it’s me and her.

We have corrupted my dad’s name to be THE WAWILIS meaning THE TWO.

This sister act is what Sisterhood is all about, for better and for worse.


7 thoughts on “SISTER ACT…

  1. What a relationship you two have. So different in attitude, outlook, yet so strong a connection in life, love, and laughter. How lucky you are to have such love between you. This post is a great tribute to your bond.

    • …I always feel lucky to have her as a younger sister because no matter how much we disagree it never breaks our bond. We give each other the silent treatment a lot but when anything “funny” happens we will break into laughter and become friends again.

      I agree with you Monica – this is a tribute to this sisterly bond that I know most sisters share.
      Thank you for stopping by….

    • …I think sisters are a true test of how much patience, love and trust we have in us Cafe. We are not bound by the power of the pinky finger but by knowing that push come to shove we have someone who will always have our back even if all we do – it seems is always fight and disagree with them.

      Give your sister a hug today, will you.
      Thank you for stopping by love….

      • Yeah, I love that bond I have with her. It is so special. I wish I could give my sis a hug today, but I don’t see her very often 😦 … But will definitely be giving her next time I go to visit 🙂

    • ..I almost went nuts – am talking Mathare mental here trying to get her to be more like me – then I realized how boring that would be.
      I decided the fun would be on if we were ourselves and though she still drives me nuts I am bound by my search for fun when the professionals are asking me to pay. Am saving here bro – if you tune your little sister properly you may just have all the fun and she will be happy that you are the bestest brother EVER!!!!
      Win – Win….

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