…LITTLE white lie…

It is true what they say about kids and how they always say or do some of the most unexpected things.

My daughter has always wanted a sibling – but I think she REALLY wants a sister.

So at some point in 2010 I told a little white lie – yes I am ashamed of myself but I promise it was for the good hers and mine.

After some pressing from her I told her my sisters daughter – her cousin, my niece – was her sister!!!

Kiki is her a name. A sweet little girl she is.

Mmmhhhh she fell for it hook, line and sinker – I am a genius I know.

We’ll toast to it later  – we’ll bring

out the champagne

and I’ll have members

of the press there too.

Where were we? Oh yeah!!!…

You should have seen how her face lit up. She shared this new piece of information with everyone who had a nano second to spare. My family being the good sports they are cheered her on. She now wanted to go everywhere with her – never mind that the said cousin was barely eighteen months old.

She even took over the duty of feeding her –  all the sweets she could lay her hand on – because that is what awesome big sisters do.

THEN… we moved to our own space and about an hour away from my sister’s place.

She was okay with visiting her sister every other weekend. Of course that is after having to explain why her little sister couldn’t come along.

Life as it is made sure that this tiny arrangement had to be a bit tricky to carry out especially with the logistics. Shuttling opposite sides of this city can be tricky and trickier if you have a five-year old with a thousand questions and overdosed on excitement. She wasn’t happy about not being able to see her sister, so we decided to get her a pet.

So her aunt bought her one – a kitten.

My dota's Kiki.

You know those fluffy white ones that look at you like they know what you did last summer? One of those.

Naturally we let her name it.

So next morning while leaving for school she yelled, ‘Bye Kiki, see you in the evening”.

For a minute I was confused trying to recollect if I had any overnight guests that I didn’t know of . Then I saw kitty

She had christened her pet Kiki – that is my niece’s name. You know her sister from my sister.

It breaks my heart to know that I may have pushed her to do this. I took her away from her favorite person and she brought her back in her own special way. I don’t know what the correct emotion is for when your daughter does this.

All I know is she is spending the April holidays at my sister’s and maybe I may just try to get her a real sibling from my end. Till that happens, let’s all hope that the two Kikis will not fight for her attention.

Till I know how everything works out at my sister’s, we’ll hold off the champagne. No???

Thank you for stopping by.

Call me B…


8 thoughts on “…LITTLE white lie…

  1. Your girl sounds adorable. I remember wanting a sister so badly, but by the time she did come along, I was already eight years old and, at that age, that’s quite a gap. I’m sure she’ll realize it one of these day, but in the meantime, it’s fun to have a little sister cousin to care for. 😉

    • …Thank you Monica.

      She is an adorable child with a big heart. She thinks it is sad I have two sisters while she has over seven – all her cousins of course!! :-).
      She once drew so many stick figures that the teacher thought she had misunderstood the assignment – it was about my family. It looked like the whole of her class at playtime.
      When the time comes, I am sure she will be the most amazing big sister…

  2. I was quickly drawn to your article mailnly because I am reading a book called Little Green Lies(might feature it in my blog soon when I am done). It is about a few myths about environment that we spread and unlike little white lies they are not harmless and then here I am thinking “oh..oh..even little white lies are not harmless” . Great writing keep up!

    • …THANK YOU JUDY for taking your time to check this out.

      I cant wait to see your post on the little green lies. Am sure we’ll learn a thing if not two about the good old mother nature.
      I love your passion on environmental issues.
      Keep it up…

  3. B, your daughter sounds like a cutie! I love the name Kiki and it looks like she’s staying quite occupied with the two Kiki’s in her life now. I say, a woman’s gotta do, what a woman’s gotta do and the arrangement of cousin-sister sounds like a good one to me! 🙂

      She is a darling and loves everyone around her. I think she wants someone she can doll up and be all pretty with without having to leave the house.
      The cousin-sister arrangement make’s her happy and I’m hoping I will get her a sister before she discovers the current one is – for lack of better words ‘borrowed”.
      In the meantime let’s all hope no one will burst this bubble I have created for her…

    • …I love her attitude too Odhiambo though i tend to think we operate on different awareness levels.
      It might be because she is a child but then again SIKU NJEMA UONEKANA ASUBUHI right?

      Thank you for taking your time….

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