…VERSATILE Blogger Award…

I won my first award in blogosphere….

The Versatile Blogger Award.

Maybe not REALLY a win, but a nomination is as good so Yes people we’ll call it a WIN because we are an awesome lot like that.


..here's my "Badge of Honor"

YAY for you who is happy for me,

NAY for anyone who thinks otherwise.


First of let me thank Meanderings of a Restless Mind for nominating me and I should mention that one of her favourite posts for me was 5 More Mysteries in Life. Mostly because she addressed some of my pet peeves especially when it comes to TV shows – mmmhhh am talking the Kardashian and tribe here. But someone should mention to her how much she owes me a debate when it comes to the eyebrows issue – Thank You.

Some seven  wonderful facts about ME are;

  • If I were shoes I would be six-inch Louboutins animal print heel. Totally love them.
  • If my newest acquaintance was a style/fashion trend, she would be a high-low hem skirt. Something about her tells me we could make it work.
  • I usually have popcorn and coffee for breakfast when home alone. It is the easiest meal to prepare when the kitchen is your least favourite place of the house.
  • I prefer having music playing on the full when attending to household chores.
  •  I usually play a game of solitaire cards before starting off my daily duties. It’s like the charm I need to get me started.
  • In another career/job life I would be a graphic designer working for an interior design magazine.
  • I am a Libra.

Of course I have to nominate fifteen bloggers  whose work I enjoy;

1.  My Dear Doris 

2. One sister’s rants 

3. Views from the couch 

4. tkimani 

5. snippets of my life

6.  do not feed the bloggers

7. cafe23.me

8. Cess’s blog

9. broadside

10. mybrainisinmybra

11. angel girl

12.monica’s tangled web

11. my parents are crazier than yours

12. Dr anthony

13. mendi

14. I am not defined

15. bubbly

There you have it lovelies, the fifteen bloggers  I strongly recommend you pay a visit and check out their work.

Thank you for stopping by.

Call me B.


9 thoughts on “…VERSATILE Blogger Award…

  1. Lady, first of all, congratulations on your award! I enjoyed reading facts about you and I share your passion for animal print shoes and loud music when doing chores! Thank you for including me in your list! I’m grateful and delighted! Popcorn and coffee? Really? I must try it! 🙂

    • ..you are welcome!!
      Really! the animal print fetish and loud music? Now that makes it to three the number of things we have in common, the first being the name Bella.

      Please let us know how the coffee and popcorn combo goes for you, will yah…

  2. Hi b:)
    Thanks alot for the mention. And for posting links to the others. Dear Doris is really killing me! Don’t you just hate it when you’re laughing and your ass falls off

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