…not GOING DOWN without a fight…

..I know of one or more people who would do anything to NOT spend their weekends alone.

They are like a tribe. A small tribe threatening the purpose of weekends.

They will join weekend clubs,  sign up for extra hours at the gyms, attend every excuse of a party just to be with crowds. Yes! they always have reasons for get-togethers. They get their “energy” from these crowds.

Don’t know what it is about them, but me thinks these kind of people are scared of their own company. You know that awesome them that just wants to at least once in a while zone off from the hustle that is life.

Anyway this post is about me…

…and something I might lose if I don’t get my act together very soon.

I don’t think I have noticed it slowly slipping away.

The few comments from my workmates have not been taken seriously, partly because they are my workmates.

You know the crowd that I hang around with during coffee breaks and lunches?. The same crowd that have had to listen to me whine about this if not that. They have taken note of how many times I have mentioned about wanting to lose weight but just won’t join a gym or lay off fried chicken for even a day!!!

I don’t think my wardrobe would have been of much help either because I live mainly in wrap dresses and skirts, at times maxi dresses. Linen pants apparently are not that reliable when it comes to “these” issues.

Twenty something years later and I fully understand why they say, “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR”.

How can something this awesome scare the figure hugging clothes out of my wardrobe??

I am talking about losing weight and my awesome derriere in the process!!!.

I know someone somewhere is shaking their head at how vain people(read ME) can be. And how much I should probably be thankful that I have lost weight without so much effort, to set the record straight – I AM SUPER HAPPY that finally I have shed off loads of extra kilos.


All I wanted was the extra baggage to go NOT the junk in my trunk. The junk in my trunk is my pride. I have  mentioned before how much I love them high heels. Do you know how “weird” one looks on killer heels but no support at the back? I just found out recently and it’s not pretty – AT ALL!!.

Torn between getting my derriere back and having to invite the extra kilos back in as well OR accepting my slimmer self with no derriere. I don’t know about y’all but am choosing my “junk in the trunk”. See I got nothing much going on “the front”, taking away the “action” at the back is just plain mean.

…back to our previous topic.

“what makes someone so scared of their own company?”



5 thoughts on “…not GOING DOWN without a fight…

    • ..hey tkimani thanks for stopping by.

      I totally agree with you – they won’t give people the chance to be and soon enough they’ll make everyone think it’s wrong to want to be alone sometimes.

  1. That does sound like quite the dilemma. I know how important a nice derriere can be =P … Maybe you can still have the best of both worlds by switching up your workout routine and what you focus on? No idea. Just a thought … (I’m assuming you lost the weight through exercising but correct me if I’m wrong!)

    • ..Cafe23 am thankful I got someone who doesn’t think am being petty or something. Truth is I didn’t exercise, come to think of it I think its because I decided to take my meals at home and not in restaurants – but I will take you up on that advice. Maybe if I join the gym, I will have the best of both worlds; you may have just saved me some tough decision making moment :-).

      Thanks for reading and commenting..

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