..this ain’t WORKING…

so I thought doing the 30 day challenge would make sure that I have at least a post everyday but after DAY 04 I couldn’t get enough time to put up another post.

OKAY! FINE! Here is the truth I just can’t seem to put my mind into following the “rota” as it is. Times I come here and all I want to do is write something meant for day 15 then I realise I have to follow “the rules”. NOT ANYMORE!! I respect whoever came up with the challenge because it gives us a ready topic for thirty straight days. If that isn’t blogloving then I dont what is(see how much I love this idea).

So I have decided I will write on all the topics here but not by following the rota. I really hope that if I do that then I will be able to finish the challenge.

Let’s see if I will be able to see me through….


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