Let me tell y’all why I dint buy me a Vitz last year – YES A VITZ!!!.




2nd generation Toyota Vitz (2007 - ) photograp...

... I love 'em red in colour...


I am a “sucker” for all things gorgeous. I spend money a lot on things that I wont use just because they looked good on the shelves. I know, I know – I am an advertiser’s dream come true. Many are the time I have walked into a mall just to sight-see or maybe for a specific item but end up walking out with several shopping bags.


English: Wallet with Euros Italiano: Spiccioli

Image via Wikipedia


I have opted for several options to try to kill(Forgive me Father!) this habit but seems like it has more than nine lives. I have tried having just enough money I need for the day in my wallet and nothing more. FAILED!


English: An M-Pesa agent in Tanzania. M-Pesa, ...

Image via Wikipedia


I have tried not having so much money in my mobile bank account. M-Pesa is a good store for emergency funds. I always end up seeing my shopping sprees as “emergencies”. FAILED!


English: Sample ATM card which can be distingu...

...this will be the DEATH of my account...





I have even left my ATM card at home because my favorite lingerie shop as always been the culprit to snap-shopping (Q: Is this a word? A: It is now. :-p). FAILED MISERABLY! I have managed to leave my card at home but looks like my mobile- bank account is always bailing me out.




My spending habits are wanting.




So in 2012 I hope to improve. I hope someone out here has effective ideas on how to go about it.



Call me B…



7 thoughts on “..DAY 04 – A HABIT I WISH I DIDN’T HAVE..

  1. Join the club! 2012 New Year’s resolution: to open a savings account and put in the bare minimum monthly, or was it weekly? I’m still trying to decide whether that can be categorized as a FAIL or an amazing plan whose execution is taking abit longer than I planned!0_o

    • …how about we start on the monthly then progress to shorter periods depending on our scorecards. NOT A BAD IDEA!!!
      Thanks tkimani your plan may just be THE ONE. hehehehhehe…

  2. You’re in good company my dear. Maybe what I do will help. I buy everything I need(read want) at once. I even cook my week’s meal on saturday. That way, I have no reason at all to go shop for anything. Not even at mama mboga’s.

    • ..hey Cess, it helps to know am not the only one. Hehehe.
      You know what love, I may just do this. Sounds so like the perfect way to avoid unnecessary buys so to speak. Cooking for a whole week???? sounds like an adventure!!!…

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