…DAY 02 – the meaning behind my BLOGGER NAME…

You reading this is simply translated to you landed into 2012 alive – I don’t want to ask about details because some of you are into those long explanations. Tempted as I am to ask, I will SAFELY ASSUME that you are doing fine and let you assume too that I am okay as well. I am fair like that.


Let’s get down to business shall we? this is the second post for MY 30 DAY CHALLENGE – MY LIFE. I know it’s supposed to be a post daily for the next thirty but I had to settle into 2012 first. Seven days later and I am ready.

The name BehindMyStunnas was inspired by love for sunglasses. Stunnas because after years of being “cool” and calling them shades, Jagged Edge came in and taught me the name stunnas(Remember that song – STUNNAS ON). I was now cooler. Don’t ask.

I was a shy girl growing up.

I thrived in crowds, being alone always disabled me and my confidence. Especially my confidence. So you can imagine my delight the first time I took my eyes on the road with a pair of stunnas; solo. I didn’t want to take them off. Wanted to walk on forever, it was a liberating feeling. Like some burden had been lifted off me.

After years of NOT being able to venture out on my own for fear of the monsters in my head. Thought of people looking at me and judging me – I know that was all in my head. Back then I didn’t. Every spare shilling I could lay my hands on after that was spent on buying me stunnas. They came in different colors, designs and sizes – I took home different colors, tried out different designers but stuck to the bigger framed ones. I wanted every inch of my eyes covered.

I could now explore the world – judge people and things back. After years of being at the receiving end, it was now my “turn to eat”. I wanted to know more about people. Wanted to tell stories about things. My stunnas were going to help me. I now had the chance to tell first hand stories – right from my point of view; literally. I could now stretch my imagination with some injection of how the “real” world was.

The number of times I have smiled to myself when I witness a situation or some(one/thing). The number of times I have winked at strangers and they are not sure what to make of it. The number of times my eyes have roamed a random guys six-pack chest and away into fantasy island – don’t judge. The moments I have taken in a girls entire look and gone home to try it out because it looked classy. The number of times I have stared someone down with a smile on my face because they were acting all “retard” – pardon my French there I am just starting out on my lessons.

The number of times all these have been made possible is proportional to the number of times I have taken my eyes out on a ride with them stunnas on.

So BehindMyStunnas

.. because they are a safe passage to explore both my fantasy and real world without fear. Eye contact can easily break one’s concentration. They offer that invincible feeling we all crave at one time or another. Also they hide a multitude of sins that can be seen through one’s eyes..

Different colours - check!!. Different designs - check! Big frames - check! Got to love them stunnas

Call me B…


4 thoughts on “…DAY 02 – the meaning behind my BLOGGER NAME…

  1. B, I wish I were cool enough to call my sunglasses, “stunnas.” But alas, I am not. Hence, I roll old school and simply call them shades. Sigh. I love how you descrive how your stunnas are a secret window into your surroundings. Brilliant! And hey, I’m not judging! My own stunnas have allowed me to check out hot guys while I’m walking next to my Significant Other. What sauce for the goose…and all that! hee hee! Thank you for reminding me of the hidden power behind these. Perhaps today I shall venture out and wink at a stranger. Sounds good to me! 🙂

    • ..I should mention that B stands for Bella – so we namesakes n by extension you are COOL.
      In another world I think I would call ’em my partners in crime and the BEST part is they NEVER complain. Always backing me up whenever I need them while complimenting my style.
      Got to love ’em you know and I see you also let ’em do some “work” for you. Let us know how it goes with the winking try-out. hahahahahaha.

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