This is a post dedicated to a friend of mine.

Kanye West in CHAMPION.

You’ll call him C – don’t worry about me I know his name.

C has been there for me since we met. We met at a place I worked about seven years ago. We hit if off and soon we were doing coffee dates, lunches and dinners. We did not become a couple though. As fate would have it, C was going through some “technicalities” in his relationship and mine was let’s say tricky. I guess we found some kind of comfort in each other. Knowing we could vent about stuff to each other – it was our support group of two.

C had an amazing sense of humour and he liked laughing. Genuine laughter.

He also didn’t do official suits – in a way I have always thought that suits interfere with a guy’s sense of humour. It takes away his sex appeal too.

Most funny people I know are “jeans and a tee” kind.

Back to C.

He was easy to talk to about anything and I found out that he was like that with everyone. He told me his story, life story. I told him mine – it was the first time I told someone about some of that stuff. And still I didn’t view him as my lover. I knew going there would destroy this friendship for me. So we kept it simple and neat. I would take him to get supplies for his business and at other times even distribute them. He never seemed to mind whenever I told him I needed somewhere to just lazy the day away. He would give me his home keys. C trusted me – that was a big deal. I was twenty by then and didn’t trust people easily – I still don’t.

Then life happened(read I became pregnant) – I moved in with my boyfriend, got me a baby girl, became wifey.

C expanded his territory to another country and while there got himself a girl who he would later marry. She gave him a child – if you know his story having a child was a big deal for him. In my opinion it helped ease some past betrayal he had gone through. Life was good. I was not present in his life during this time.

One day I received a call, it was C. We agreed to meet someday for lunch. We did. He had baby photos with him. He looked happy and different – good different. We talked like we had never left.

Later on I would go through what I call any girl/wife/babymamma would call a nightmare. I had a disagreement with my “husband” which would later turned physical. Next day saw me packing and going back to my mama’s. See I had always vowed no man would ever lay his hands on me. No matter how justified he felt.

My whole world came apart. I was jobless, had a two-year old to take care of and did not want to put that burden on my mom. See I am used to taking care of my business and here I was. Life had pulled a fast one on me.

I was not going down easily though. But it was going to be difficult. See while I was busy playing wifey. I had somehow gotten cut off from my friends. I had made new friends – hubby’s friends. And we all know that his friends have to go if you really want to let go. I did.

I called C. I didn’t have to say much. He knew something was wrong.

He took me back to my “place” to pick up the rest of my belongings. Bare in mind that was two hours drive away and had one of those cruel terrains luxury cars hate. He didnt mind. He then made sure I was settle back home. I was still in denial – this kind of thing doesn’t happen to people like me. I called C almost everyday.

I got a job at a salon. He referred his female friends to me. I was soon making enough dough to take care of my little girl and take care of more bills at home. C kept track of how I was doing. He was still his awesome self. I am sure I never thanked him but my heart sure did a thousand times.

Every time I run into difficulties somehow he was the only person I could think of. Countless is the number of times he has bailed me out – especially financially. His help never comes with attached strings. He inspired me to even work harder at work.

C has never changed his stripes. He started out simple and now he is doing so well. But it has not changed who he is.

I have a different job now. I have just settled into my house.

He always tell’s his friends – I was his girlfriend. Maybe I was. People ask me why I trust him – I smile. My heart knows about this champion.


If I ever get amnesia I pray it doesnt take away the memories we have made. These are beautiful memories.


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