…bUCKeT lisT…

…first of let me say this post is not to be used to pressure me to do any of the things am going to post. But feel free to use it for reference incase I get some serious case of amnesia. 


Start an interior design company;

I know the world of bucket lists is suppossed to be majorly crazy stuff we wouldnt do without the help of some kick-ass drugs. But I have a passion of transforming rooms and spaces from tolerable to likeable and sometimes “cant live without it” anymore. I love it when any space I occupy reflects my mood and style. Right from school I always changed my locker every now n then to reflect whatever I was going through at that particular time.

The first time I got introduced to a computer all I wanted to know was how to paint and use word art and how to make my own home screen wall paper. My house is probably my guinea pig now and the numerous changes it goes through as earned me a few neighbor “friends” who want to know how to rearrange their furniture, match their curtains, display wall hangings. You know what maybe I am well on my way there – this is a goldmine in-case nine to five doesn’t work for me. 


Learn at least three foreign languages

I am interested in French, Spanish and Italian.

I already know a little Spanish but still cant construct full sentences on my own, I know what we would say “enough to ask for water” and “directions to the nearest shopping mall”. Spanish was my first foreign language to learn because it always sounded so easy to me and romantic-ish.

French is more of a necessity than a choice thing. Its kinda like the dollar – it trades easily in the international market so one cannot always go wrong with it. Around the world people – I believe – speak more English and French compared to other languages.

My third choice – Italian – was arrived at because I cant remember but am sure it was a worthy reason. At some point I was so obsessed with it I actually signed up for online lessons. I must have done something wrong because my registration was cancelled mysteriously. I will get back on it one day I know and I am hoping by then I will remember why I had the initial obsession.



A friend of mine once said I dont know how to cook because I dont want to. But what is a girl to do when everyone back at home(brothers included) are good at cooking but loathe doing dishes? I have never liked dicing, kneading, rolling, beating, folding or any other terminology used in the kitchen. I have never had enough patience to know why ingredient F is better than B. This is one of those things my momma’s genes never spread to my side. I however enjoy cleaning up after everyone is done in the kitchen – that explains why my nails never grow long. I love doing dishes, laundry, mopping the floor, wiping windows and surfaces. And most of my friends love that I dont mind at all – as long as I am well fed though. Hahahahaha. 

So I wanna learn to cook perfectly and maybe it will solve my ka-issue of the way to a man’s heart…



WHAT!! Surely someone must have seen it coming no pun intended. The closest I have ever come close to this was between ‘this girl” form school, her male best pal and me. Only problem is I chickened out one night before the D-day. All the “players” involved were qualified so to speak but in my defence I was to attend my niece’s baptism the morning after and I didnt know if it was okay to attend after “that” – not attending was also not an option. Though I never attended the said baptism in the long run. I wasted a good chance and now Threesome is back on my list.


Grow dreadlocks

Women who spot locks have this untamed vibe about them. They have this I am not my hair swagg going on for them. They are comfortable knowing they are stuck with one hair do BUT somehow they always know how to style their locks. Forget the long, thick, dirty locks of yester years. Today’s locks are clean, shoulder length and medium size. They can take you from the boardroom to the streets and into a dance floor without having to rush into a salon for something equivalent of a costume change. Today’s locks are cool and I wanna spot them some day. Most likely when I start that interior design company. And then I will learn how to tie a turban when they are long enough. 


Graphic Design School

I may not know how to draw past a stick figure of a girl but I love the idea of using imagination to put some message across. I have done the first level of graphic school but would love to go the whole nine yards. Even if just for the pleasure of knowing I can amuse myself during my spare time. There is something about this artistic side of me I am trying to capture. It teases me most of the time but one of this days I am gonna “concur” it.


Go  bald

Learn ballet

If I ever think of any thing(s) else I will do a BUCKET LIST2.

As of now I still obsess of how I am two people short of a threesome…




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