…I once read a very interesting read from a local newspaper(I think it was a newspaper). it was all about “THE QUARTER LIFE CRISIS”.
The quarter what???
That is what ran in my mind when I read it too…. hehehehhehe… Anyhu(drag this word in sounds like that toi in two n a half men). As I was saying, the quarter life crisis apparently begins somewhere around 25 years of age.
This is when you realise that life aint about partying, fancy clothes, big rides n daddy’s pocketmoney. That is when you go into a panic mode because you remember what you had planned while leaving high school n the only one you have achieved is most likely one diploma mostly because daddy insisted!!!
Quarter Life crisis is when you wake up to the fact that by now you were “supposed” to have moved out of mama’s kitchen n moved into ur own humble pad. That is when you realise you avent even saved a quarter of the money you had planned because you are busy trynna impress your peers with how large you live.
When one wakes up to this reality it is mostly the time you decide to separate urself from your friends because with them you cannot keep off life’s so called little pleasures. This is when you suddenly announce that you want to move out from home. and most likely start getting serious at work, asking for more appointments because reality as clearly stated its time to think of your future.
Unlike midlife crisis, this is not the time you want to do all the partying in the world, you most likely want the world to view you as an adult and you have no option but act like one. This is the point where even marriage sounds like a perfect idea for most marriage oriented peeps.
To my opinion everyone shouold record what sent them into that “panic mode” when this crisis hits because this is the point where most likely your mind is at its peak. This is the point where you know that indeed your future has just started.
To this effect I want to announce that this “QUARTER LIFE CRISIS” is when “LIFE TAKES OVER”. Ask me I know because this is the state of my life as of now.


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