..LAy DoWN with me…

“..lay down with me,
tell me no lies,
just hold me close, 
don’t patronise me. 
cus i cant make you love me if you don’t
n you cant make your heart feel 
something that it wont….”

this song(its an extract) always talks to my heart 
that so many a times I have 
wondered silently if am trying to pass
on a message subconsciously. 

everyday we wake up and think about those that we love and the ones who love us…. times we walk around and ask ourselves if we are loved just enough or madly, deeply and the works…. times we are sited right across our lovers and our eyes have all the question posted but we wont look them straight in the eye cause we are afraid they will be able to read the pain and confusion lingering in us….. and at others our tightly closed eyes are a reminder to the one watching that maybe we wont believe anything coming from them anymore and we have at last mastered the art of shutting out the world and pain by extension….

all these because we hurt n wont tell, we cry but wont let the tears flow, we scream out in agony and pain but will not let anyone hear that wail, we have become puppet masters of our own emotions, we have successfully managed to hide our emotions.. and we are still hurting maybe twice as much…

so for how long do we intend to do this? because i don’t think i can hold on any longer, so let me start by saying that am gonna be more vocal about my feelings. am going to let it be known that i may not like fights and confrontations but i can still hurt all the self proclaimed bitches. i have never been one(a bitch) but i believe me and mine shouldn’t be tampered with. i respect the phrase to each his/her own, i suggest everyone does…

so if you loving me better show it…. if you tired of all my dramas then let me go cause i will not allow anyone to LAy DoWN with me in pretence……


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