..(13)my opinion about my BODY and how COMFORTABLE I am with it…

..being a woman means always questioning everything about your body – a curse that we should probably turn around to a blessing. I mean it is a never-ending self questioning of;

  • Am I thin enough?
  • Am I very fat?
  • Is my skin tone at its best?
  • Is my hair long enough?
  • Is my behind big enough?
  • Are my boobs too big or too small?
  • Are my thighs/calves too big/small?

We can never win. The beauty industry doesn’t help when it keeps selling us confusing ideas – in an effort to push their brands off the shelves;

  • Size zero is the ultimate model size
  • Thick/Curvy women are the Real women
  • Darkskin vs Lightskin/Fairer skin is the best
  • And so on, and so on

It’s no rocket science that the beauty industry mints billions of shillings year in-year out.

I have always been self-conscious of my height and size – I am taller than most of my peers and a size 12 going 14 on my bad days. Five years ago I would have done anything to be shorter or a size or two smaller. But as the years have gone by I have come to appreciate and flaunt everything about myself.

I know it’s so cliché to say this but truth is you only start realizing others when you notice yourself as well. You are able to relate easily with people once you realize that perfection isn’t everything and that everyone has a struggle about something.

Because of my height, I had sworn off high heels but now I am the queen of four inches and higher, it doesn’t bother me much that I end up taller than my girls when we are out and about or my peers in the office.

Being pear-shaped also means my curves are more visible. I rock more form-fitting outfits unlike yester years where I had confined myself to flowy maxis and long t-shirts on jeans. This blog has helped a lot on change of attitude as well.

..call me B;

..BRIGHTER monday..

..BRIGHTER monday..

..(12) five GUYS I find ATTRACTIVE..

…guys I find attractive and guys I would date are two very different statements – so that’s why I have come up with this five of five list. Mmmmhhh five guys I find attractive and I would or have probably dated – in my fantasy. I have stated before that I am very much influenced by pop culture so it shouldn’t shock anyone that I decided to fish in that pool…


I should probably tell y’all he is awesomely Kenyan – damn!!!




3. T. I.



Trey Songz



..call me B..

…LASER CUT skirt, TUXEDO blazer, POLKA DOT top..

...LASER CUT skirt, TUXEDO blazer, POLKA DOT top..